A Glance at Playing La Boule on Your iPhone

La Boule is an old French game, and is actually based on the famous Little Wheel, or Roulette, entertainment that also originated in France. It’s beautifully reproduced in today’s digital casinos, and the iPhone is the perfect device on which to enjoy it. Its superb graphics and sensitive touchscreen will immerse you no matter where you are, and its powerful processing unit will ensure smooth play. If you’d like to learn a little more before you play iPhone online Boule, you’re in the right place.

Basic La Boule Rules

The game of Boule traditionally consists of a betting layout, a wooden wheel and a rubber ball, all of which are skilfully recreated in online casinos. The wheel is divided into 4 concentric circles, each with 18 numbered sections where the numerals 1 to 9 are repeated twice. Those numbered 1, 3, 6 and 8 are coloured black, those numbered 5 are yellow and the other sections are red. Each one has a pocket, and you need to bet on where the ball will land. Rather than being served by a croupier as in Roulette, those playing La Boule are served by someone called a Bouler.

Once all bets have been placed the Bouler will set things in motion, or the action will be simulated if you are playing iPhone online Boule. You can bet on whether it will land on a specific number, on an odd or even number, on a high (6 to 9) or low (1 to 4) range of numbers or on red or black. The yellow 5 sections serve a similar function to the green 0 and 00 panels in Roulette, and all even money bets (Red/Black, Odd/Even and High/Low wagers) are immediately lost if the ball lands in one of these pockets. However, these are still much safer bets with better odds than specific number bets, and as always you need to weigh up this relative security against the temptation of higher rewards. Payouts increase as the odds decrease, while the House Edge remains constant at 11.11%. Remember that iPhone online Boule is ultimately a game of chance – you can’t control where the ball lands.

Start playing with the even money wagers, and never let your emotions influence your betting decisions. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up in the moment and recklessly eager on a specific number. If you do this and win you’ll be handsomely paid out, but you should only ever make such a move if you’re at peace with the strong possibility of losing what you put down.

Betting Refinements

Although iPhone online Boule and all other forms of the game do produce random results, the way you bet on these can help you stay ahead by recovering your losses and rewarding your eventual wins as you keep playing. There are several strategies to help you do this, including the Martingale, Piquemouche, Pyramidal and Paroli systems, and great guidelines for all of them can be found online. Spend time investigating all of them and applying what you’ve learnt to evolve your own unique style for iPhone online Boule success. You’ll win more money and appreciate the game’s subtleties more as well.

Well Worth a Whirl

Simpler and more relaxed than Roulette at https://canadiancasinoonline.org/visa, La Boule is a great option when you want a change of pace from the Little Wheel. The House Edge is always high, but you have a better chance of winning single number bets with this game, and the High/Low wagers add more possibilities as well. Next time you have a free moment, consider playing iPhone online Boule.