Bare-Knuckle Boxing in Detail for Bettors

Bare-Knuckle Boxing in Detail for Bettors

Bare-knuckle boxing is boxing in its simplest form – the art of boxing without any gloves or other protective padding. Closely related to combat fighting, the sport is highly popular, especially among combat purists.

Bare-knuckle boxing is certainly a great deal more challenging than boxing with gloves or other padding. Boxers have to be very precise when landing punches, as hands are much smaller than hands wrapped in padding. Blindly swinging away is therefore not really an option. Gloves do not only enlarge a boxer’s hands, but also provide a protective cushion when warding off blows to especially the facial area. A proper and technical defence is vital.

Ironically, gloves were only introduced much later in the sport’s evolution, due to the fact that they were deemed to be a safety hazard. Adding a measure of weight to the boxer’s fist, they often do more damage than a bare fist would.

It’s All in the Wrists

Never have these words rung more true. Technique is everything when it comes to Bare-knuckle boxing. Many techniques have been developed, and ancient fighting techniques are still employed to this day. Many a bone has been broken by boxing an opponent in the face. The skull is an unforgiving part of our anatomy. This is why boxers prefer to make contact with the heel of the hand, instead of a closed fist.

The sliding forearm strike is another popular blow. The entire outside forearm is scraped along the opponent’s face.  This is a punch and a shove combined, all rolled into one.

A boxer may also choose to change tables by using his skull to shatter his opponent’s fist. This may seem a bit like dirty play, but all is fair in love Bare-knuckle boxing.

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A Solid Relationship Developed Over Time

Boxing in every shape and form has long been associated with wagering. Most desktop or mobile betting sites offer wagering on the big fights.

Types of bets at boxing betting sites include placing a wager on who will win a fight, who will reign victorious in a particular round, the method of the victory – including whether or not the fight will be won by a knockout, a technicality or even disqualification of the opposing fighter (in other words, winning by default).

Another favourite is a wager on whether the fight will go the distance – the bet is placed on the probability of whether the fight will last all of the 12 rounds, or be called off prematurely.

Knock-Out Strategy

As with any informed decision, having gathered as much information as possible is key when betting on Bare-knuckle boxing.

A smooth trick is to do a bit of research concerning a fighter’s overall performance in a similar fight. Chances are that history will repeat itself.  Taking note of any changes is as valuable as keeping record of similarities. A bit of homework concerning new trainers, recent ailments or illnesses, even age, can offer valuable insight into a current and future situation.