Merry Money Online Slot Guide

Merry Money Online Slot Guide for Casino Gamers

The Merry Money pokie game, created by Barcrest Software, is a charming online betting console. It has a richly realised theme based around the popular Robin Hood story, with symbols designed to recreate the well known motto of steal from the rich to give to the poor.

Symbols animated when landing in a sequence, and a delightful interactive soundtrack changes as the game progresses. The best gambling games are played on all modern platforms, including mobile phone, tablet, laptop and home computer.

Basic Rules Explanation

The Merry Money slot machine game is based around the traditional rules of slot machines. This requires that a player first make an initial upfront bet, which can be changed via the interface at the bottom of the screen. Once the bet is determined, the player may spin the reels by clicking the spin button, at the bottom right. Note that the game uses a five reel, ten play line system, but that the play lines may not be adjusted.

Hence, every spin is with the maximum of all ten play lines selected. Once the reels come to a stop, any winning sequences made will be marked by a solid line, and payouts will be made directly to the balance. Payouts made will be determined by the value of the symbols making up the sequence. If a bonus symbol is triggered, the mini-games will open automatically. Once a mini-game is completed the player will be returned to the standard game. For more information about mini-games, and how they are played, please read the bonus feature section below. More details about winning sequences are available by tapping the help button.

Playing Merry Money Internet Slot

Play Symbol Value System

The richly designed symbols of the Merry Money slot game include the standard ten, jack, queen, and king of playing cards, plus the golden word Merry Money. The value of the symbols correlate to poker hands, with ten being the least valuable, and king being the most valuable. The golden Merry Money is the most valuable, and will give a substantial payout if matched with itself a maximum of five times. There is a wild card, represented by an image of a sack of gold, which will match with all other symbols to create matching sequences.

Bonus Features

Like keno including bonuses at, this slot also contains bonus offers. The image of Robin Hood is the bonus symbol in the Merry Money slot game. If matching Robin Hood three times, an animation sequence will be triggered. Robin Hood shoots an arrow, and depending on where the arrow lands a mini-game is selected. A bulls eyes starts the hall of plenty mini-game, which allows the player to select an option out of six. The bonus granted by the selection will be added to the balance immediately. An arrow landing in the yellow zone will start the win spins bonus. In this exciting online gambling game, a player will first be awarded free spins , after which the free spins will play out automatically. During the free spin sequence all wins have the same value as normal play.