Jackpot Jewels Online Slot

Jackpot Jewels Online Slot Review for Players

This is something new from Barcrest games, the internet slot with a far more detailed design consisting of 7 reels, 4 rows and an exhilarating 50 pay lines. With Jackpot Jewels slot this developer mixed up the usual 5 reel, 10 pay line example, for something a little different, whilst at the same time still filled with some of the classic Barcrest games features. The theme of this slot is fairly loose, going more in the direction of the classic land based slot machines for its design and symbols.

With regard to the betting, this slot game neglects the usual line stake options for a choice over pay line, with both 50 or 25 pay lines available to play at. Add to this the Hi roller bet that Barcrest games loves to include in their slots and the Betting game is quite exciting. The features in this slot are fairly basic, with the Wild and Scatter bonus symbols being the same. There are however some fun free spins and coupled with the bonuses from the Hi roller bet.

Slot Theme and Layout plus Betting Options

With a theme that’s more of a nod towards the classic approach of the land based slot machines, then any demarcated experience, the developers gave themselves a lot of room to play around with and experiment. The background of Jackpot Jewels slot is largely overshadowed by the action on the 7 reels, whilst the sound effects going along with the slot are fairly standard machine noises classically Barcrest. The symbols on the reels is where much of the classic theme is conveyed, with a lot of the symbols being shiny gems and playing cards.

With 7 reels and 4 rows of action this slot will have a lot of smaller wins surfacing constantly. The wins setup is such that any consecutive 3 or more combination will trigger a win, without the usually necessary starting from the left obligation. However this also means that the available big wins can be quite huge, with 7 of any symbol netting in a 12500 coins. The specific symbols on the reels are gems like diamonds, rubies and emeralds, plus a collection of playing card symbols for the lower wins. The highest base game jackpot symbol is the diamond, with 6 winning 6250 coins.

Jackpot Jewels Online Slot Betting

Betting on Jackpot Jewels slot is fairly easy, with the first big choice being on either 50 or 25 pay lines. Once this is decided, players can then decide if they wish to play with the Hi roller bet, which essentially buys 5 lucrative spins. With these the RTP is raised to 99% and the Wilds become sticky leading to more wins as well as more chance of triggering the free spins bonus feature.

Bonus Feature Time with Jackpot Jewels Slot

Like offers in sports betting at https://bettingonlinesports.net.au/free/, the main bonus here is the Wild and Scatter symbol. This is represented by a gem laden broach symbol on the reels and can really spice up the reels by substituting for other game symbols to form winning combinations. Add to this the fact that 3 or more of these symbols wins 10 free spins that are able to be retriggered and this bonus feature of Jackpot Jewels slot becomes something quite notable.