The Las Vegas Story Film

Know more about The Las Vegas Story Film

The Las Vegas Story is a suspense film noir that was directed by Robert Stevenson. The film was released on the 30th of January 1952 and features Jane Russel and Victor Mature in the leading roles.

Robert Sparks and Howard Hughes, the owner RKO Pictures, produced the film which was distributed by RKO. The film is 88 minutes long, it is black and white and it tells the story of murder; gambling and deceit.

Casting of the Las Vegas Story

Before production began for the film, stars such as Robert Mitchum, Burt Lancaster and Robert Ryan was billed to be the stars.  It is not known why these actors never made it to the production phase of the film.

The Las Vegas Story ended up casting Jane Russell and Vincent Price as the married couple, Linda and Lloyd Rollins, Hoagy Carmichael as Happy, the narrator and piano player and Victor Mature as Dave Andrews, Linda’s former lover.

The Las Vegas Story Synopsis

The Las Vegas Story starts with Linda who is trying to avoid her past so she is hesitant to return to her home town, Las Vegas, with her husband Lloyd. Reluctantly she agrees and they book into a hotel. He immediately starts gambling in the hotel’s casino and asks the house for a $100,000 credit limit, using a necklace he bought her as security towards the insurance. Linda knows that Lloyd’s business in is financial trouble and warns him not to gamble, but he brushes her off.

Lloyd suggests Linda face her past so she goes to the Last Chance bar where she sang while still with Dave, her former lover. She meets up with old friends and even sings on stage. Dave shows up and confronts her about leaving him and an insurance agent, Hubler, shows interest in Linda’s necklace.

The Las Vegas Story Synopsis

Meanwhile Lloyd’s gambling credit gets reduced, and the couple is asked to leave. Linda offers to help Lloyd with his finances but he refuses. Lloyd decides to visit the Last Chance before leaving town, but the insurance agent stops him and demands to know where the necklace is.

Upon finding out that Clayton, the owner of the Last Chance, has given Lloyd $10 000 for the necklace, Linda spends an evening with Dave.

When Clayton is found murdered and the necklace stolen all eyes are on Lloyd and he is arrested. After an investigation, Hubler is found to be guilty. A car and helicopter chase ensues where Dave shoots Hubler. After Lloyd gets released form police custody, he finds out that Linda filed for divorce and will be staying in Las Vegas, while he has to return to Boston to face embezzlement charges.

Critics Reception and Controversy

According the one researcher at Real Money Blackjack NZ, The Las Vegas Story grossed $1.2 million at the box office which was estimated to have been a loss of $600 000. Mixed reviews were received over the film from critics citing it was poorly written and that the actors did not shine in their roles. It was said that the film mostly displayed the interests of Howard Hughes and not much else.

The Las Vegas Story did not go without further controversy as Howard Hughes removed writer Paul Jarrico’s name from the credits due to his communist affiliations. In 1998 the Writers Guild of America officially restored Jarrico’s credit to the film, sadly this was nine months after he passed away in a car accident.