Day At The Races Slot Guide for Casino Players

It’s time to get equestrian with this Day At The Races online slot game from OpenBet. As the title of this slot puts far from doubt, the theme of the game is horse racing and players might be surprised by how well these two betting industries meet up on the reels. The graphics of this slot game aren’t exactly perfect but they visualise the theme in question well across the reels and through the backdrop behind them. There is also some distinct sound effects that make it feel like one has just stepped into the stadium, ready to watch the horses live.

Taking a peek behind the thematic curtain of this Day At The Races online slot game and we find a set of 5 reels will a rather basic 20 pay lines available to bet across these reels. Speaking of betting, developers OpenBet have included a goodly range on this slot game so that players from several different walks of life can have a solid go at the gaming. Overall the setup and play of this online slot game happens rather effortlessly and timeously so players will be spinning the reels practically from the moment they open the game. There are also a few bonus features like a Wild symbol, a Scatter symbol that triggers free spins and even a horse racing themed bonus game for the players to take part in.

Extracting the Equestrian Theme from the Reels

A Day At The Races like this online slot game promises holds quite a lot of possibility in terms of betting, which is exactly what makes it quite a great fit as the theme of an online slot game. Performing the research necessary, waiting for the opportune time to bet and then of course the anticipation until the race finally ends, there are definitely a few painstaking stages to a standard horse racing wager, so why not set the action to the reels of a slot game, where all the action can be but a single spin away from fruition. Overall this slot game theme seems to fit quite aptly onto the reels.

The symbols themselves play quite a significant role in the theme creation on the reels, especially with the majority of the players’ concentration being directed to this aspect of the game. For the specifics on the reels of this Day At The Races online slot players will find symbols like jockeys, horses, several different race goers and even a blackboard with the horses themselves listed on it.

A Comprehensive View of this Slot’s Bonuses

The first of the bonus features found on the reels of this Day At The Races online slot game from OpenBet is the Wild. This is in the form of a silver Wild horseshoe on a stable door and can substitute for other game symbols to create additional wins on the reels. This Wild also comes with a 2 times multiplier.

Like in many other iPhone casino slots at, the Scatter bonus in this slot triggers the free spins feature where players will find themselves rewarded with up to 25 free spins if they land 5 of these Scatters. The final bonus is acquired through the Tic Tac Charlie bonus symbol. Locate this symbol and trigger the horse racing themed bonus game of this Day At The Races online slot game in which players must bet on a horse and then watch the race unfold to see if they win the prize.