Details about Prop Bets for Sports Bettors

Many people think prop bets are just a gimmick, and that you can’t win much with them. And while there are some very absurd prop bets, you shouldn’t dismiss them on those grounds.

A prop bet is a bet made during a sports game about some occurrence that may occur during the game, but is not related to the game’s final outcome. You could bet on the outcome of the coin toss, the number of strikeouts a pitcher will accumulate in a baseball game, or which team will score the first points in a game.

There are also some prop bets that are mainly for a laugh: for example, if you are watching the Super Bowl, you could bet on whether or not you will hear a variation of the phrase “deflated balls” on air during the game. You could even bet on what the singers will be wearing during the half-time show. These bets may sound silly, but that doesn’t mean that betting on them is a bad idea.

They’re Fun

In a way, prop bets are a gimmick – they are a way to drum up people’s excitement for the game. That’s no reason not to take part! Having a number of prop bets lined up to take part in can make watching the game that much more exciting. After all, unless you really love the game, sometimes just watching for “who is in the lead” can get a bit boring. If you’ve got stakes on the coin toss, who will score first, and whether the commentators will mention Donald Trump, the watching the game can get much more exciting.

But I Want to Win!

Think there’s no point in betting if you can’t win? You can win with prop bets! Many think there is no way to bet cleverly on these, but actually they are the easiest wagers to beat. In fact, Las Vegas sports books often lose money on prop bets. Many betting sites will allow you to wager large sums of money on traditional bets, but will limit how much you can wager on prop bets. That’s because the bettor wins so often with prop bets! With so many bets to manage, bookmakers actually do not spend that much time on figuring out the odds for each prop bets. So a good bettor can analyse the bet in greater detail than the bookmaker who made it – making it quite possible to win on something the bookmaker has given low odds to.

I Want to Win Without Stats

Even if you aren’t a statistics whizz, there are bets you can find where a little digging can reveal the most likely outcome. Even silly bets like how long a team will spend singing the national anthem can be a good choice, if you can find out how long they have taken in the past.

Whether you are a whizz at figuring out betting odds, or just want to spice up the game a little, there’s a prop bet out there for you. Who doesn’t want to find out whether Giselle Bundchen will be spotted at the game?