Describing about Mobile Online Casino Poker Pursuit

Describing about Mobile Online Casino Poker Pursuit

If you’re looking to try something a little different and are tired of your usual online poker games, we have the answer!

Mobile online casino Poker Pursuit offers a complete change of pace and a whole new challenge for players who love a card game that’s captivating, enthralling and rewarding. A variant of the traditional game of poker that’s similar in many ways to 5 Card Stud and video poker, mobile online casino Poker Pursuit is all about minimising potential loss and maximising winning potential.

Intuition, strategic thinking and a spirit of adventure are all required if you want to enjoy this game, and once you’ve discovered how exciting it can be, you’ll be hooked!

Poker Pursuit Explained

In mobile online casino Poker Pursuit players will be deal 3 cards at the start of the game, unlike the 5 received in video poker. Before any cards are dealt you’ll have to have placed your bets and only after the flop a player has the option to call or raise their wager. The Turn card is then dealt and you can choose to either Stand and get another card, or raise your bet. The game will reach its conclusion when all 5 cards have been dealt and payouts depend entirely on what hand has been collected.

Standard poker hand rankings are used and the lowest hand paid is a pair of tens. Essentially, Poker Pursuit can be described as a Tens or Better game and its simple premise make it really enjoyable and incredibly enticing for players of all skill’s level.

Bet on the Go

Being able to play mobile online casino Poker Pursuit at your leisure adds to its already enormous attraction and the ease of convenience ensures you can have fun with free or real money games whenever and wherever you choose. For example, international casinos such as at offer players the no deposit mode to get known about the gambling games.

Poker Pursuit is a limit game and players can only bet a predetermined sum of money that has to be wagered before any cards are dealt. Just like in any game of poker, or any casino game, the higher the bet, the larger the payout on a winning result. Different online and mobile casinos will offer varying payout rates for the game, but winnings always depend on the card combinations and the players initial bet amount.

Mobile Casino Poker Pursuit Strategy

Strategy and Skill

Skill, strategy and wit are all factors that will stand you in good stead in any poker game, and mobile online casino Poker Pursuit is no different. Many players do however consider it to be a game that leans more towards luck than skill, and although it is essentially a form of video poker, the player has no influence over the outcome of their final hand.

The best strategy to employ when playing is to raise when you have a strong hand and call when your hand is less than desirable. If you can see early on that your hand has little to no chance of producing a winning result then it’s best to fold before you bet any further and stand a chance of losing a larger amount.

If you are a fan of video poker or want to try an exciting card game with a twist, Poker Pursuit is the best choice online.