A Look at Playing Online Fruit Machines

Fruit machines are seen as classic slot games, but their history is actually rooted in the Bell-Fruit Gum Company’s slot machine trick. The company used a slot machine gimmick in order to advertise their gum. Players had to get matches of the fruit symbols, such as cherries and a range of other fruit, and, if they won, they would receive the fruit-flavoured gum. As these joyous machines became staples of the actual casino industry, they took on the nickname of the fruit machines.

Originally these had the classic slot machine look, with the simple spinning reels, large lever for the player to pull, and accepted the smallest of credits in order to play. As the casino world became modernised, many fruit machines kept this classic look for the sake of appearances, even though none of the old-fashioned items were actually still needed. Fruit machines became software-run and offered a variety of colourful displays with interactive touch screens. These are still the fruit machines popular in land-based casinos today. However, the casino industry has also moved online, and online fruit machines are now all the rage.

The Fruit Game Online

The nice thing about online fruit machines is that appearances do not really matter. The entire system runs on software and back-end developments anyway, so the front-end of the programme can appear in any way the programmer would like it to. This allows online fruit machines to hark back to their original land-based appearance with no effect on the playing experience whatsoever.

The online fruit machines are generally three reel slot machines with mostly the original simple fruit depictions that are familiar to most casino players, but they do offer various bonus and extra opportunities that are exclusive to online play.

Extra Fruit, Extra Bonus

A standard of most online slots is the alluring bonus. Online fruit machines offer these as well as any other online slot machine would. Sometimes these bonuses are in the form of free spins that are offered by the online casino itself, but very often these bonuses are available within the online fruit machine itself. For example, players might receive the bonus of adding a separate game on a different screen where they have to work their way through a certain progress chart or trail in order to win further bonuses. Also, online fruit machines give the options of a nudge or a hold button. This allows players to nudge or hold different reels in order to get closer to the win.

The Fruit Strategy

The nudge and hold playing opportunities are often specific to online fruit machines. Indeed, there are many ways in which online fruit machines are simpler to play than standard slots and offer more player decision-making than conventional online slots do. Standard slots at eCheck online casino Canada are purely a game of luck, but online fruit machines are special. On the one hand, there are the hold and nudge bonuses that allow the player to directly influence the game, which is almost unheard of in other slot games. On the other hand, online fruit machines are quite open games. Payout possibilities are clearly detailed, and the opportunities of bonus symbols are also clearly explained.

These opportunities make online fruit machines unique to play, and guarantee players a fantastic time and great fun with every roll of the reels.

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