Talking about the Life Changing Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpot games are some of the most sought-after games at both land-based and online casinos. They owe their popularity mainly to the potential size of the progressive jackpots in question and the speed at which they accumulate, which make it easier for players to win life changing progressive jackpots instead of a regular set jackpot amount.

While no strategies are available to increase players’ chances of winning a progressive jackpot, knowing more about this jackpot type may assist players in maximising their chances as much as possible.

What are Progressive Jackpots

Progressive jackpots can be described as jackpots that are constantly accumulating as players play them, as a percentage of each bet a player of the game makes is automatically transferred to boost the jackpot’s value. Typically, progressive online slots will be linked to a network, and the value of the jackpot in question will continue to grow until a player claims the prize.

Once the jackpot is claimed, it will reset to a certain value and immediately begin to grow again as it is played. In slot games, the value of the jackpot will usually be displayed in a prominent place on the screen, allowing players to choose which games will award the highest potential payout when the jackpot is hit.

Standalone and Local Progressive Jackpots

In land-based slot games, players may encounter standalone progressive jackpot games, in which the jackpot is only contributed to by players of that specific game. Local progressives were developed after standalone progressives, and are still a popular feature in land-based establishments. Local progressive jackpot games feature a linked jackpot that is tied to a varying number of games within a specific casino.

Networked Progressive Games

Wide area network progressive games are the kind most commonly found today, being used by both online and land-based casinos to link games in a number of regions and on a much wider scale. Networked progressive jackpots will typically accumulate much faster than standalone jackpots, awarding higher payouts on average when a player does trigger the jackpot payout.

Terms and Wagering Requirements

There is no fixed strategy to win life changing progressive jackpots as almost all progressive games feature a fixed RTP percentage. However, in order to qualify to win an online progressive jackpot, many games pose different requirements which players must fulfil. Certain games require players to play the game while betting on a certain number of lines, while others will only award a progressive jackpot when being played at the maximum bet. In the case of other table and casino games with progressive jackpots, a bonus bet may even have to be placed on a specified card to qualify for the jackpot in question.

As the qualifying requirements for triggering a progressive jackpot payout are not fixed, it is in players’ best interests to consult the information and terms and conditions provided by their chosen games in order to ensure that they qualify for a payout. This effectively will maximise players’ chances to win life changing progressive jackpots, both at land-based casinos and online.