Make Your Own Luck with a Good Roulette Strategy

There is no arguing that roulette is a game of change. You place your bets and make your predictions and then hope that the arbitrary spinning of the little wheel will turn out in your favour. Even in online roulette, which obviously doesn’t utilise an actual wheel, complex algorithms are used to precisely mimic this natural unpredictable element of chance.

But that doesn’t mean there is no such thing as roulette strategy. Where the wheel stops may be impossible to predict but there are statistics to consider and it is essential to make educated wagers. Experienced players can confirm that developing a solid roulette strategy can completely change the game.

Roulette Strategy Basics

Before you start working on your roulette strategy, you need, of course, to familiarise yourself with the rules. Roulette can be an intimidating and complex game for beginners and bad bets are easy to make when you aren’t at ease.

Your roulette strategy should therefore begin with cultivating a thorough understanding of the rules, table layout, wheel layout, house edges, betting limits, and so forth. Remember that there are four different types of roulette – American, French, European, and Atlantic City – so you should have a roulette strategy for all the variants you plan to play. And there is no better way to learn the rules than by actually playing the game.

Did you know that you can play online roulette Australia for free? We highly recommend taking advantage of this to get comfortable with both the game and your chosen casino before you take any real risks. Of course, there are no payouts in the offing when you play for free but doing so will greatly contribute to your winnings down the line as your perfect your roulette strategy.

Start Small

If you feel that you can afford it, it may be tempting to go all in and qualify for large payouts from the get go but this is a quick and easy route to losing a whole lot of money. A better roulette strategy is to stick to the table minimum – which is generally very low if you play online – for starters.

If you do include lower table minimums in your roulette strategy, be on the lookout for single-zero American and Atlantic City wheels, which tend to be cheaper to play than their European cousins.

Consider the House Edge

The house edge is the natural advantage that the house or casino has over the player – it’s how these establishments make their money. House edges differ from site to site so you may have to shop around a bit. Also remember that single-zero European wheels have lower house edges than their American counterparts.

French roulette, in particular, has a special feature called the en prison or half-back rule, which allows players to win half their bets back if the ball lands on zero. This substantially lowers the house edge.

So, once you’ve worked on you roulette strategy on American wheels, you may want to make a change to enjoy the lower house edges of European roulette.

Learn about Betting Systems

There is no such thing as a fool proof roulette strategy but there are several betting systems out there that have proven to be quite lucrative. These generally fall into three different categories – zone-based, predictive, and progressive betting.

However, avoid betting systems when you are just beginning to work out your roulette strategy. New players may get confused and end up making rookie mistakes.