Dragon’s Myth Mobile Slot Summarized

Dragon’s Myth Mobile Slot Summarized

Like many slot titles from Rabcat software, Dragon’s Myth combines excellent 3D animations and music with some quirky humour and a platform that makes mobile play simple. It can also be found at selected online sites.

For a change, the dragon slayer in this title isn’t a hero, but a heroine. The indestructible redhead with a Viking helmet over her pigtails and big furry boots has some amusing methods of dispatching the dragons that try to eat her, using quirky tools like bolas, ballista’s, gladiator nets and a massive hammer.

The Dragon’s Myth slot action takes place on a misty mountainside, with a jagged crag in the distance. The heroine stands next to a plain rectangular reel grid, measuring 5X3. It has 20 paylines, and bets per line can be adjusted according to player budgets from 1 to 200 coins per spin. High rollers can simply press Max Bet if they want to wager the house maximum: 4,000 coins per spin. Apart from her role in the game’s many 3D animations, the heroine also acts as a kind of cheerleader, dancing and turning somersaults to celebrate wins.

Nine Payline Symbols including Wild

Dragon’s Myth uses four Poker values, J, Q, K and A, written in angular scripts against dragon’s egg backgrounds. J and Q win prizes for two, three, four or five matches, but Ks and As need three matches or better to win. But each time these symbols form a winning match, the eggshells begin hatching.

A red, brown, green and blue dragon, their colours echoing the J-A sequence, are the other four payline symbols, with the heroine herself acting as the Dragon’s Myth Wild. High-value symbols also require three of a kind or better to win, and can pay as much as 1,000X the line bet for five of a kind. Apart from replacing other payline icons to complete winning combinations, the Wild pays a prize for five Wild matches on the same payline: also 1,000X the line bet.

Dragon’s Myth Online Casino Slot

Bonus Games within the Free Spins Round

The volcanic crag spews lava in the Dragon’s Myth free spins Scatter symbol. In any position, three will trigger a round of 10 free spins, four gives the player 15, and five, 20. However, an extra-scary bonus dragon is added to the reels during free games, and just one appearance will add 3 more free spins to the round and activate yet another detailed animation.

This flies the heroine to the dragon’s cave, where the player must pick symbols on a screen. Like getting bonuses in bingo Australia by AU players, these reveal extra picks, more free spins or fixed Wilds for the rest of the free spins.

Progressive Bonus Unlocked by Dragon Sequence

Another thing Dragon’s Myth slot has in common with several Rabcat slots, is a progressive jackpot. This Dragon Bounty accumulates constantly throughout play. A cage icon appears at random around the bottom right window of the reels; each time a dragon symbol appears in the cage it is ‘captured’ in an impressive animation as the heroine defeats it, and one of four lights around the Spin button lights up. If the player captures dragons of all four colours, they trigger the Dragon Bounty.