An Introduction to Pousada Marina Infante

The Pousada Marina Infante is a four star luxury hotel located on the Taipa Island, China. It features a unique lakeside setting, offering guests a stunning view and number of scenic locations, while also having a highly luxurious décor, influenced by both Chinese and Portuguese culture. Service is promised as being world class, and many facilities are provided for both corporate and social functions. Special packages are available for those who like to hold a wedding on the premises.

Services and Entertainment

The Pousada Marina Infante does have a casino on the premises, but focuses its attention instead on some of the more scenic and nature orientated attractions. There are a number of scenic nature walks and parks; all located just a leisurely walk away from the hotel.

Shuttles are also available into the city, which allow guests to explore the area at their convenience. Note that there is also a focus on foreign tourism, with currency exchange services offered, as well as safety deposit boxes and other corporate essentials. If you are looking to organise a corporate holiday for your employees, contact the hotel customer support centre for more details and information.

Online Reservation Services

The Pousada Marina Infante no longer has an online reservation system. If looking to make a reservation, simply visit the appropriate page of the website to get details. You may contact the hotel via telephone or email, as you prefer. Customer support services are available twenty four hours a day, and staff is both highly trained and friendly. Be sure to always make a reservation as well in advance as possible for best prices.

Unique Dining Venue

The Pousada Marina Infante has only one dining venue, which may seem like a limited choice in comparison to other hotels. But what makes this venue stand apart is its truly unique and breath taking setting. Titled the Fortune Palace, the dining facility is located with a stunning lakeside view, allowing patrons to take in the relaxing scenery as they dine.

There is also a full menu, specialising in eastern cuisine, but also offering popular dishes from around the world. Meals at this restaurant are included in some packages. If, however, you wish to visit the restaurant without it being included in specific package, please be sure to make a reservation in advance. Seats cannot be guaranteed at short notice.

Specials and Package Deals

The hotel offers a number of special package deals, available both for solitary travellers and groups. The package deals may include dining at the restaurant, as well as bonus cash sums at the casino, and even tours of the surrounding areas.

To get a package deal and take advantage of special offers, simply visit the appropriate page on the website for more information. Note that it is always beneficial to travel in groups, with prices being the lowest and value for money being the highest. You may also contact the customer support centre to organise a package tailor made for your needs. The Hotel staff is always willing to help create the exact deal you are looking for.