A Best Guide to 2021 AFL Predictions

AFL 2021 Predictions

The run-up to the AFL 2021 season has begun, and footy fans are already speculating what the ladder will look like. Although things can change and spectators should be willing to adjust their AFL 2021 predictions, it’s not a bad idea to make some assertions now and then have a base to work from later. To do that, it’s can be helpful to break the ladder down into 3 groups of 6, and then put the players into the one that seems most likely, editing the positions as time and events unfold. As an example of a realistic starting point, check out the AFL 2021 predictions below.

Positions 13 to 18

The Brisbane Lions are a very successful AFL team, and appeared in 4 consecutive AFL Grand Finals. However, this was from 2001 to 2004 and although the club took the premiership title in 2001, 2002 and 2003, since losing to Port Adelaide in 2004 it has been somewhat off its game, making it a likely contender for the bottom ladder 6.

The Carlton Football Club, or the Blues, had its greatest losing margin in the AFL against Hawthorn in 2015, so it is also in this group. The Essendon Bombers, in spite of the concept matches that Kevin Sheedy has put into place, might also deserve to be put on one of these ladder rungs, as might the Suns of the Gold Coast Football Club. The teams likely to hold the last 2 spots in this group are, fittingly, the Demons (Melbourne Football Club) and the Saints (St. Kilda Football Club), who have both been in rebuilding phases.

Positions 1 to 6

The top positions seem likely to go to an almost all-animals crowd! The Eagles (West Coast Eagles), Hawks, (Hawthorn Football Club), Crows (Adelaide Football Club), Swans (Sydney Swans) and Tigers (Richmond Football Club) could all likely be sitting alongside Freo (Freemantle Dockers). These teams have all spent the recent past working on rebuilding themselves, and have really been showing the fruits of their labour.

Positions 7 to 12

When considering AFL 2016 predictions, it might be easier for fans to compile their top and bottom groups and then seeing who is left to go into this middle one, especially in the beginning. As the order becomes more refined, teams might move into and out of this group in both directions. As a springboard, likely teams in the centre category are the Port Adelaide Football Club (Power), the Geelong Football Club (Cats), the Greater Western Sydney Giants, the Collingwood Football Club (Magpies), the Western Bulldogs (sometimes simply called the Dogs) and the North Melbourne Football Club (Kangaroos). These teams have all been steady performers, and spectators should watch their live AFL betting performances with extra interest from now on.

An Enjoyable Pastime

Speculating on the AFL 2021 predictions will appeal to armchair footy experts all over Australia, and watching the teams to see how they are performing should prove even more satisfying than usual. It’s only the very beginning of AFL 2021 being on the radar, and already things are hotting up and getting exciting!